A thought on a perfect day

Here is what my perfect day would be like:

I would wake up late.  I would be the only one home alone for the whole day.  It would be overcast and drizzling, in the fall.  I would be able to read and have some awesome double stuff oreos for breakfast.  At lunch time I could go and have some spicy tuna sushi and then go off to the spa for a facial and pedi.  Then I would read some more.  I just love to read.  I would be able to nap as I please and only would have to take care of me.  No cleaning, no laundry, no ringing phones.  I wouldn’t need to feed all the pets or clean up after them.  I know from talking to other mom friends, that most times what a mom wants is a quiet day to herself, where she doesn’t have to pick up after or serve anyone, where she can rest and restore herself.  When you are a mom you are on call 24/7 and sometimes your mom battery is just drained.


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