Dragging on

When I used to work full time, I remember those days when time flew.  When you didn’t know where time went and you could have used 10 more hours to finish all your things you had to do.  That doesn’t happen during the day with my kids.  The hours drag on.  I look at the clock waiting for my husband to come home.  My kids are at each other all day long.  They are 3 years apart and they can’t just play.  They have too many toys, which I clean out all the time.  They can’t go outside because it’s 100 degrees out. They don’t want to watch a movie. They do crafts for about 20 mins and then that’s it.  I just don’t know what to do.  Most days we go and meet friends or go swimming, or to the grocery store or the library, but days like today are just too much.

1 kid was a lot easier than 2.  #2 is always vying for attention, from me from #1.  They have 2 totally different personalities and they just can’t get along with each other.  I am so envious of people with kids who play wonderfully together.  Most days I dread the fact that I will have to raise my voice and send kids to time out for the same thing over and over.  My kids will trash the house and won’t want to clean up. I have been waiting forever for it to get easier as people claim will happen but it doesn’t.  So on days like this I sit and try to be patient, I try to encourage them to both have some quiet time to calm down, so we can all calm down, but mostly I just wait for my husband to come home to help me, because I really do have a hard time being the referee for 10 hours a day, without a break. I’ve decided it does not get easier ever, and yes that might be pessimistic, but instead I am trying to work with the challenges I am given, because when they are alone they are amazing and entertaining and fun, it’s just when they get together it all gets crazy.  Any tips?


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