a little end of the day happyness

7/24 Scavanger Hunts in Sunday School & reading my 1st Little House book to my kiddos
7/25 the smell and feel of summer rain showers & the smell of mrs.meyers cleaning products
7/26 the sets of BBC Jane Austen movies- swoon
7/27 Wed. morning breakfasts w/my friend
7/28 getting a hello post from one of my favorite modern day authors of jane austen-esque books
7/29 lazy friday nights chatting w/my bestest
7/30 farmers market saturday’s and all the really interesting veggies they offer
7/31 hugs from my kiddos before I go to work
8/1 my grandmothers rolling pin
8/2 fun in the yard relaxing and watching the kids play-dog days of summer
8/3 getting excited to set my sunday school room up for the new students in a few weeks
8/4 dog days at the local water ice location-lots of dogs and a nice walk w/the family
8/5 getting excited for vacation
8/6 new magazines


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