spending update

(I’ve been doing this post update every few weeks, in between posts I write my thoughts/struggles each day in note format, this seems the most readable way to do this)
-kids have been using their allowance and b-day money for spending, not relying on me and it’s teaching them money/saving skills as well (and so is the library incentive program)
-took hubs grocery shopping and we were $27 over his budget- touche’ hubs
-my son told me he was going to go to Dartmouth when he grows up so he can make lots of money and buy his 18 kids whatever they want, so they won’t have to use their own money (don’t know what’s worse, him telling me he’s not impressed with using his own money or him declaring that he’s going to have as many kids as a Duggar)
-added 20 to grocery as cash back b/c I needed some cash
-order sneakers on credit b/c I needed sneakers
-don’t know how the bills are coming, kind of curious, but don’t want to ask.  Notice lots of late fees not sure why..
-had to get fuel oil which set us back again and now car insurance is due, it just never ends, you get ahead and then you fall back
-went to a consignment shop on a whim w/a friend and had to get a strasburg dress on markdown and some clothes for my son- $31 dollars later oh and some toys and books.  I was so upset about telling the hubs.  So scared he would lecture me and be mad, I mean I was almost sick on my stomach, so I came home and thought about it and then remembered I had some money in my account saved for kids stuff so I moved it over and told him to deal


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