My top 10 best cartoon characters

1. Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

2. The Tick

3. Space Ghost

4.Shaggy (70’s/80’s version)

5.Scooby Doo (70’s/80’s version)

6. She-Ra


8. Speed Racer

9. Skeletor



I’m from the time of Saturday morning cartoons.  I can’t believe my kids can watch cartoons 24/7 and online if they wanted.  I had my favorites, but I also watched Tom & Jerry which my parents grew up with and my kids still watch Tom & Jerry.  I also thought by this point in life we would have flying cars like in the Jetson’s and whole dinners in 3 little pills!  What are you cartoon memories and favorite charcters?  Oh and yes I did include in my list current characters too.



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