Joy-Vacation part 1 version

8/7 a really good new chicken and rutabaga recipe
8/8 watching my daughter run/leap/bounce from room to room
8/9 yummy homemade ap cake
8/10 cooler summer nights, hair blowing in the wind, car windows down
8/11 anticipating vaca
8/12 hoagie before vaca
8/13 Chesapeake bridge by moonlight
8/14 days with nothing to do
8/15 watching the sea
8/16 all you can eat crabs, claws and other sea creatures
8/17 watching funny tv w/friends
8/18 charades on vaca, total laughs
8/19 going home, sleeping in your own bed
8/20 I drove across the Chesapeake bay bridge myself, it was cool, but made me super nervous since I hate bridges


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