I was supposed to be on vacation for 2 weeks, well bad weather happened and I ended up on vacation for an extra week.  While on vacation I did not really rely on to do lists for my days, I did not need things in my calendar.  I could check email at my leisure (for the last 2 weeks) the first week was email free.  I felt fine.  I could relax, read, nap, play with my kids, re-connect with my husband, enjoy meals, walk, see old friends- all the things vacation is supposed to be.

Then vaca ended.  I came home not even 48 hours ago and I’ve been doing ever since.  Checking my to do list, trying to get it all in, forgetting stuff I wanted to do, relying on my calendar. Biting my nails, picking at my nails, feeling frustrated.  How can I just chuck away 3 weeks of peace and relaxation and living chill to come home and be an obsessive perfectionist again?  I did comment to my husband when on vacation that I was not used to having unscheduled days, so I was kind of off balance for a few days and slept alot.  But then I just learned to go with the flow.

So how do we go from vacation state of mind to uptight lifestyles so quickly? How can I live and get my stuff done while still being able to relax about it?  I wish I knew.  I wish I wasn’t such a hard core perfectionist because it is driving me crazy.


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