House Hunting- the most annoying people on Earth

We’ve all watched House Hunters and the International version.  We’ve all sat back and said wow, seriously it’s paint, if you don’t like it, re-do it.  We’ve heard people whine and complain and just felt such pity for the realtor.  But what set me off today was the Bermuda episode of House Hunters International.  There was a “globe trotting” couple currently residing in a large-ish home in Vancouver who were relocating to Bermuda for the husbands job.  The husband was ok, he was Scottish and seemed to mean well enough.  His wife on the other hand.  Wow, she really really bothered me.  Now let me be honest.  I’ve lived in Bermuda, I’m married to a Bermudian.  So I was kind of biased.  I moved away after several years because the crime was getting to me and I needed a change.  But anyway back to the wife on this episode.  First off the husband gets a $10,000 a month allowance for housing.  Bermuda has lots of rules in place as to what foreigners can’t buy home wise, so they would have to rent.  Well they were all we want 4 bedrooms and a guest room and a pool and ocean views and it has to be close to town and it should be furnished for under 10 grand a month.  Wow.  Super tall order.  First of all, you should be so lucky to be in Bermuda, making a salary and getting a housing allowance and probably a school allowance for the kids.  When you are Bermudian you don’t get a housing allowance, you use your money to rent.  So this woman was kind of rude about what her current lifestyle was and how she was not sure this would cover what she needed.  Then she kept talking about the outdated 60’s bathrooms and small kitchens.  Ok it’s an island.  It’s not like you are getting a McMansion with a giant kitchen in a rental house, when you have a list of things like ocean view that you “need”.  You are on an island, drive for 5 mins, you’ll see the ocean.  Then she was going on and on about not wanting to be driving so long to take the kids to school.  You are there with your husband who is on a work permit.  You aren’t working, so what else do you have to do all day, that you can’t drive 30 mins tops to get your kids to school?  It’s a small island, nothing is that far.  She was so annoying and I just could not stand her attitude.  I mean do they cast that show by picking the most annoying, fussy, rude people who just happen to be in the market for a home?  In the end the couple chose the house they complained the most about, which made me laugh because if they weren’t so cheap they could have spent their money towards a home rental not just the free company money. On top of that they convinced the owner to lower the rent too.  Wow.  Must be nice.


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