Extended Vaca/confusion debt diet update

(I’ve been doing this post update every few weeks, in between posts I write my thoughts/struggles each day in note format, this seems the most readable way to do this)
-going on vacation so we didn’t need alot of groceries, so hubs didn’t give me cash, & I spent almost $90 didn’t go to my regular store which is cheaper and felt bad, like I wasted money
-then went food shopping for vacation w/the other families we are going with and I thought maybe $60 and it was $77 which was good, but then I took $20 out to grab some food from chili’s and also needed another $26 worth of stuff for us, so in short, I didn’t have cash, was using debit and felt like I did not make the best decisions financially
-update, it’s been 2 months since the hubs took over the paying and organizing of bills.  He has put his finger on what needs to be done and we are working toward it.  He has made me more aware of my spending and managing money.  He has helped me to realized 20 here and 10 there adds up.  He’s made me realize that spending 50 on crafts for the kids and sunday school is not a good idea.  I felt a little silly at first because my friends said he shouldn’t be able to tell me how much to spend and to give me spending money but it has really helped.  I needed that.  Some people have will power and some don’t, I’m in the don’t category.  I am more relaxed and I feel better about our financial choices.  I know we will get there with our debt, we are talking more openly about money, I’m making better choices and we are planning long term savings and plans for spending.  On a side note we were doing well on our diet.  He’s actually doing better, because he exercises and stopped snacking.  But we did do one family walk and I am hoping we’ll do more when the fall comes and it gets cooler.
-vaca budgeted 1000 for both vaca’s back from 1st one and we spent 1300 (& the rental house was already paid for)
-had to use credit card to get some much needed groceries and $60 cash before we go on next vacation
-husband was in charge of money and tracking money and it just all happened so fast, again, little charges add up quickly when no one is keeping track
-another vacation- no extra money, still spent money, had to stay an extra week b/c of cancelled flights, have no idea how husband is going to pay bills/balance money this month, spent another 1400 on this vaca
-had to buy soccer gear for kids and hubs was shocked at the cost
-he was doing the budget today and seemed uber-frustrated but at least he didn’t complain

So where do I stand?  How do I feel?  In all honesty I feel so much better, because I’m not good with money.  I like him being in charge and figuring it all out.  Of course we have a long way to go but at this point in time I feel like I did what I needed to do.  It was stressing me out, it was out of my handle and I needed help.  I think by writing it down and seeing my feelings and reactions it helped me to learn what not to do and how to progress.  I think I am a better spender, or at least more conscious about it and I think my husband has really helped me to get it all in perspective.


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