Crazy Random Family list

-my husband did Outward Bound a bunch of times and really liked it and I think that’s pretty cool

-my husbands nana used to have silly sayings (she was a true cockney) like apples and pears for stairs and she used to make us butter and beetroot sandwiches

-I’ve been on some cool family trips with my dad to the beach but never on vaca with my mom

-I remember making special shields to look at solar eclipses with in school and foil cookers to make hot dogs

-I once got food poisoning from a hot dog in 9th grade and I wanted to go see Gross Anatomy so bad with my friends I laid on the sofa in severe pain, and was so sick but wouldn’t go to the hospital as per the doctors suggestion since he thought I was having an appendicitis, but I am afraid of needles. long story short I have not been able to eat a hotdog since

-someone who knew my great grandfather very well took a prayer to the wailing wall for him when he was sick, I’ve always been intrigued by that story

-I grew up with an amazing mennonite family as the across the street neighbors who had a farm, I spent lots of time there.  It was such a fun place to play and life seemed simple

-I had those cool McDonald’s trays and cups when I was little with the characters and I used to use them all the time to eat

-my great grandmother had one of those cool cat clocks with the moving eyes and tail in her kitchen when I was little and I loved that thing.  I would love one in my own home someday

-my grandfather was in a spelling bee when he was young and he was beat by a little girl and the prize was a chocolate bunny and he was so mad that he didn’t win he bit the ears off

-on the same note my husband was at a b-day party and pre-school, not his, and he couldn’t wait for the cake so he ran up and ran his fingers through the icing and then had a taste in front of the class


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