Hoarders Top 10

Top 10 reasons why I love hoarders and hoarding buried alive:

1. It makes me realize how clean and organized my house is

2. It makes me laugh to see the dynamic between the hoarder and the people who “called them in”

3. Great filler conversation at dinner parties, meetings, etc

4. Made for a great drinking game while on vacation (drink when they say stuff)

5. Makes me realize there is one in every family as they say

6. I love it when the hoarder freaks out because someone thinks they are doing well by throwing it all away when the hoarder is not looking

7. Inside look into people’s creepy collections (mainly dolls and stuffed animals)

8. A great background show for when you are not really looking to watch something because you are online

9. Makes me realize there is a reason I don’t want/need collections

10. Thankful for my neighbors and their yards.


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