Kate needs a job

Poor Kate, she needs a job now that her show is cancelled.  She can’t possibly provide and maintain the current lifestyle for her and her kids if she has no work.  How can we feel sympathetic and how can she think that’s an acceptable statement while millions of people are without work and struggling day to day.  It seems every time she is out of the spotlight for awhile she come sneaking back in and becomes a trending topic on Yahoo. 

Here are my ideas for what Kate can do:

-volunteer to clean up the overflowing rivers in PA and all the floods and ruined homes and businesses (yes this is not a paid position, but seriously do something for someone else without cameras chasing you around)

-write another book or a cookbook (which was supposed to happen) but make sure it’s a book similiar to your first book, which seemed real and from the heart

-be a cleaning person.  You have the skills, so put it to use on other peoples homes

-be a professional organizer, maybe TLC could hook you up to help the Hoarders on their other show

-open a daycare, you are used to having tons of kids around

-go back to nursing, even thought you think you are too famous and that having 8 kids and raising them on a nurses salary is impossible- well again go back to your roots, shop and cook like a normal person, don’t have $8000 hair and designer outfits, don’t go on vacation 10 times a year.  Get government help like you did back in the day when you had 8 kids and your were married and did not make enough

-sell some of your organic veggies and eggs at a roadside stand.  People are not as enthralled with you as they once were, you got way too big for your britches

-plan kids birthday parties, you seem to enjoy that

Just don’t tell us how you need a job, there are real families and people struggling with not having work and it’s just salt in the wound to hear you say it.  I miss the old down to Earth, compassionate Kate that got me into the show in the first place, search yourself and find that Kate and maybe people will be interested again.


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