35 Lessons Learned

I decided in honor of my birthday last month, I would note one thing I learned for each of my years so far.  Obviously I’m taking liberties with some of the early years, but you get the point…..

1 the importance of food

2 how to walk

3 how to talk

4 how to read

5 how to be on my own at school, w/out any relatives (which I hated)

6 how to make friends

7 the fine art of embarassment

8 multiplication

9 how to watch birds and really enjoy nature

10 what divorce means

11 how to manipulate my family (lots of angst over parents divorce)

12 how to be a sister

13 how to run really fast

14 what it meant to have a major crush on someone

15 how to be super insecure with myself

16 how to drive

17 how to choose a college

18 how to come home and choose again

19 how to fall in love-for real

20 how to party

21 how to not do shots

22 how to be an ex-pat

23 how to stay home by myself in a foreign country for 1 week, w/no relatives near by

24 how to enjoy champagne and sushi

25 how to sail a boat

26 what true life long friendship is

27 how to make hard choices, but right choices

28 a mothers love

29 patience and the Good Lord’s blessings

30 being 30 is not so bad and not so old

31 the pain of having to leave my career b/c my child comes first

32 that I can step out of my bubble and ski an intermediate mountain and white water raft and it’s actually fun

33 what the inside of a NICU looks like and all the emotions with that

34 Loss of the greatest people in my life, my 1st real loss

35 Home is where your loved ones are and some of my favorite loved ones are my friends, happiness is sitting off on a saturday night watching the kids play and just hanging with my husband


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