Summer Reads

continuing my list of 52 books in 52 weeks.  Summer reading how great an invention.  What’s better in the summer than a book you can’t put down?:

6/17/11 The Color Light- Thrilling & creepy.  Stayed up until 2am to finish this book.  I couldn’t put it down.  Kept me guessing and made me feel sad for the lead character.  A great location and a strong grandmother in the book loved it.  #31

7/1/11 the cure for the common life, by max lucado.  I love max’s books, I loved this one so much I realized as I was reading it, I read it a few years ago, but it was still a good one to read again, he really makes some great points and zeros in on things we can all relate to. #32

7/2/11 What is a holiday weekend for if not staying up all night and reading.  My husband always says if I could get paid to read we’d be living next to Oprah.  But anyway I just read Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster.  It started out, wow I don’t really know what to say, I thought I would stop reading it.  I don’t know why I picked this book, I think I liked the name and I didn’t read the back jacket so I didn’t know how things would change as the book went on and the great life lessons she’d discover.  But it was a great book, she’s a refreshing writer who is real.  I’m glad I read it. #33

7/2/11 Gotta love this holiday weekend, I just finished the book of tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern, it was amazing.  She is such an incredible writer, her books are mysterious and her characters always have some kind of gift or mystery about them.  She also leaves you wondering in this book, an amazing book I could not put down. #34

7/13/11 This I Believe, various.  I came across this essays when listening to NPR.  This book was modern essay and essay’s from the original series in the 50’s, famous people and not so famous people. Just amazing to read people’s personal beliefs, truly an interesting and uplifting book. #35

7/25/11 Crazy Love Francis Chan.  It took me awhile to read this book.  I just couldn’t get into his style of writing or depth of his ideas. #36

8/1/11 Traveling Light Max Lucado.  Wow I love his writing.  There is a chapter on death and loss of a loved one that really hit home to me.  I am still waking up every day missing my grandparents like crazy and reading Max’s words made me feel good. #37

8/4/11 On Folly Beach by Karen White.  Wow, if I could just sit in my room and read all her books in one week, undisturbed I would.  She is an amazing author.  She mixes history, mystery, romance, strong characters and great southern settings.  This book I could not put down.  #38

8/5/11 Where There’s a Will by Beth Pattillo.  I love her writing style. This was a mystery, very different from her Jane Austen type books. It was good and it was an easy read. #39

8/10/11 Gracefully Insane Alex Beam.  This was a very interesting book.  It is the history of McLean hospital in Mass.  And a look into times gone by for an entirely different class of people.  #40

8/12/11 When God is Whispering Your Name Max Lucado. This book was good, it had his normal great stories and examples.  I wasn’t as into this book as most of his others. #41

8/14/11 The Locket Richard Paul Evans- I love his books.  Amazing,what an incredible story and this one involved senior citizens and I have a soft spot for seniors.  This author knows love. #42

8/16/11 American Women and World War II.  Very factual.  I was expecting more about life on the homefront during WWII and women but this was more of a data type book with emphasis on military reports. #43

8/17/11 Crossing Over, Ruth Garrett.  I love info on the Amish.  This was by an ex-Amish and I saw someone carrying it in the library so I took it out.  It was ok, some good info from an actual Amish person, but I couldn’t get past the fact that she seemed smart and wanted to know more, but ended up leaving for a guy twice her age who she met when she was really young.  That kind of freaked me out. #44

8/31/11 Writing Jane Austen, Elizabeth Aston.  This book was ok, it took me awhile to get into it, because it seemed so repetetive and it didn’t make too much sense to me as to where she was going with the characters. #45

9/7/11 Like Family, Paula  McLain.  This book was good.  Interesting, a viewpoint you don’t always read.  I finished it in a few hours because I couldn’t stop reading. #46


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