24 hours in the ER

So last night I started to watch this BBC show called 24 hours in the ER.  I love ER shows, I am fascinated by real life medical dramas.  I watch Discovery Health faithfully.  So there I am watching this British show and the people are super duper calm.  Totally how English people are about everything, I’m talking a major trama and they are just like ok let’s do this and this and then let’s just take the person for xrays.  I mean no rushing or shouting like on American shows.  I was mesmorized.  I’m hooked because I loved those specials on ABC Hopkins, Hopkins 24/7, Boston Medical.  So this is great.  But I’m wondering why is the head nurse called Sister (I know some of my Brit inlaws have said this before, but I always thought they meant from back in the day) and why does everyone have their job on their back in letters, like doctor, EMT, technican, etc.  Anyone have the answers?  I can not wait to watch the rest of my taped episodes.


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