Memories for the sharing

Last night I found out that my great great great aunt was the prominent town doctors sister.  That was pretty cool.  I love finding out connections and family history like that and on that note here’s some more of mine:

-We are not a family of dentist likers.  I use to have to be given tranquilizers when I went as a kid, now I’m so afraid of needles, I pass on novacaine (one time he could see my root and I almost ripped the nurses hand in half- but no needles)  My dad is the same way, he actually went for a cleaning, freaked out, got up and ran out of the dentist and vowed to never come back (until his wife made him) this was only a few years ago.

-I also hate needles  For my 7th grade physical I needed a shot and I kicked down a nurse, knocked over a tray of antique thermometers (yes the kind w/mercury) but seriously what kind of doctor leaves a collection like that lying around the office, and ran into town and hid until my grandmother found me.  On another occasion I refused a blood test and fought the doctor, fought the hospital nurse and finally had to have a family friend who was a phlebotomist come to our house and I was held down by a bunch of family members so she could get a blood test

-when I was little my grandmother was in ICU from a heart attack and I missed her so much, that one day her doctor tucked me under his coat and snuck me in her room for a quick visit.

-one time I was at the horse races (where I spent too much time as a child) and I was running and fell and split my lip and I was taken into the jockeys room for treatment, I was super scared but also super excited to be in the jockeys room

-when I was in 7th grade my grandfather made the statement that for someone who reads as much as I do, I should keep a diary or journal.  I will never know what prompted him to say that (he didn’t keep one as far as I know, I did find his sports scrapbook from when he was a kid though after he passed), but it worked.  I got a diary and some notebooks and I wrote and recorded my thoughts and feelings and I have loved writing ever since, so I think he sensed something I would never have thought about at that age, but boy am I glad he did.  At first I thought it would be old fashioned but it was great

-my grandfather also decided one Christmas that my husband and I did not have enough light in our living room for me to read buy, so he bought me this awesome 3 way light, which I cherish.  It was beautiful and meant a lot that he thought about that.

I loved him so much and I miss him alot.


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