Why I need Fall

I lived on a beautiful island for several years of my life.  On an island you have 2 seasons summer and almost summer.  Things bloom and look nice, the beach is always in season, but there is something missing.

I came back and when I did I forgot how much I missed seasons.  I like spring, I love to see daffodils and crocuses popping up.  I tolerate winter.  I do love the way a night time snow storm slows everything down and I love to see brand new snow on the ground.  Summer is good too, for long lazy days and nights relaxing, but I love fall.  I absolutely love fall.

I love the temperature, I love the way things are new in the fall (like school), I love leaves, I love pumpkins and gourds, I love the smell of the air, I love the colors, I love the warmth.  I love how it’s not like any other season, but so many people love it.  Warm days and cool nights.  Now there is a combo you can’t go wrong with.

I was sitting in the library yesterday for story time with my child and there was a beautiful bay window and through it I could see the trees dancing in the breeze getting ready to put on their finery as the leaves are changing.  I could see rays of sun coming through the window (which was decorated with fall clings) and it was just perfect.  I realized how much I love fall, how I need fall.  I need new starts and crisp days.  I need a season that is not based on sunny days all the time or the birth of new things, or complete death.  I need an in between season which is kind of like me-notsunny all the time but not dark, not bursting with newness.  Just kind of mellow, some days good some days not so good.  I just get such a sense of peace when I look out the window and see the beauty of the nature of fall.  So even when I am old and retired (hopefully to some place without winter) I am hoping to always be able to come back to fall, because it is part of who I am and where I want to be.


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