fall joys

10/2 finally catching up on Grey’s

10/3 finding out some new family geneology and being able to trace it, very cool

10/4 pepperoni dip for dinner

10/5 A fun day w/my daughter

10/6 watching my little cat run up and down the stairs chasing my other cat

10/7 coming home after a long day at work

10/8 finally getting an ornamental pepper plant

10/9 watching my son play soccer on a beautiful fall day

10/10 Canadian Thanksgiving dinner w/some of the best people in the whole world

10/11 cool breezes

10/12 naps on lazy fall afternoons

10/13 Ryan Gosling movies

10/14 yummy Chinese w/the family for dinner

10/15 seeing my ginger waiting at the door


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