A gift I didn’t take

When I was a senior my father wanted to take me on a cruise to Bermuda for my graduation present.  I was terrified of the triangle and I just didn’t want to go.  I also didn’t want to leave my boyfriend, which looking back I should have just went, he turned out to be a loser. I also thought only old people went on cruises.  So it was maybe a whisper or glimpse into my future when I ended up living there 4 years later.  Same thing could be said about marrying someone of English decent, since I was an anglophile and had a map of England on my closet door since 5th grade.

So then I was there and living with my husband and these are some of my memories:

-having a bike (moped) I couldn’t pass the driving test for a car, I even had an instructor.  I couldn’t parallel park on the wrong side.  So I had a bike.  Which I rode in rain and shine.  I needed raingear and felt like the Gordon’s fisherman.  I would get my clothes wet for work because of leaky rain gear and would go and buy a new outfit when I got into town to work.  I was ok with a bike, but would not drive one now.  I did forget to put my feet down one day and the bike fell on me and I got a scraped knee, but otherwise I was ok.  As long as you don’t count all the times my husband smashed into things with the bike.  I got good enough that I could carry 4 bags of groceries on the bike and one in my hands- yes people in other countries really do carry everything on their bikes

-the first night I got there to live ( I had been there for about 6 years each Christmas for a month prior), well the first night the in-laws took us on a booze cruise during the Christmas boat parade.  I got really drunk, then we went for dinner at this French place, my MIL spilled several bottles of $100 wine and I ate greasy frogs legs.  I felt so far away and yet so excited that night being out on the ocean.  Ready to start my new life, but still missing my family, but thinking like in American Tail, we are all watching the stars underneath the same sky

– I have a fear of gombeys.  One night my husband and I were driving on a dark back road and came across a troop of gombeys and it scared me silly.  After that they freaked me out

– we had feral cats and feral chickens. You know me being an animal lover I fed them even though you weren’t supposed to.  There was some chicken guy our neighbors paid to “remove” the chickens, but he took the chickens and left the rooster, so soon enough we had more chickens in the neighborhood.  The cats were cool, they ate the rats they came around after storms.  We also had these cool toads that would dig into my flower pots to cool themselves down and would scare me half to death before I realized it was toads and not moving plants.  There are also really cool crab spiders who make their webs across every place you need to walk, and tree frogs who have the neatest chirp that I love to hear.  People claim they get used to them and don’t hear them after  awhile but I always listen for them, because I think they are peaceful and unique. My husband and his brother were supposed to dispose of a dead rat one time from the parents garden and they were both creeped out.  Finally they got a shovel and flung it and it hit a palm tree and came bouncing back.  So I had to scoop it up and chuck it over the fence all the while they were grossed out

By far the night sky against the ocean was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.  It was peaceful. The sky is so vast and the world seems so big, and at the same time so small.  I miss that clear night sky, I miss the sound of the ocean.  I miss feeling like an explorer all alone in a place where no one else is, that’s the peace and quiet you expierence in Bermuda


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