Snowy Joy

10/16 coming home after a long night at work

10/17 cali tortilla for dinner-YUMM

10/18 Catching up on TAR

10/19 Rain drops on the window look like glitter, made me feel like I was in a snowglobe

10/20 trying to figure things out

10/21 Reading to my kids

10/22 Thinking about how great my nan and pap were and missing them so very much

10/23 fall bonfires w/friends

10/24 listening to my daughter sing, she has such a pretty voice

10/25 my daughter telling me she’s my helper & she is , it reminds me of me & my grandmother when I was growing up

10/26 Understanding that people and feelings are always more important than money

10/27 impromtu party at friends house on a weeknight

10/28 bonfire on a cool night in the yard w/the neighbors

10/29 1st snowstorm of the year (and there is lots) it looks pretty, kids are having tons of fun


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