Here there and everywhere

Continuing on with some family history for my kids to some day read, today I’m talking travel, on both sides of the family. My side is not a bunch of travels, I sometimes wonder how our ancestors even made it here.  My mom has maybe been to 2 states besides her own, my dad has been to a few more and on some cruises out of the country.  My grandfather drove up and down the east coast and my grandmother only went up and down the east coast because my aunt took us on two roads trips and she went along.  She hated being in the car and driving.  When I was younger I went to the shore a lot with my grandparents to their friends camper in Delaware and then my grandmother and some of her friends took me to New Jersey one time and boy did we have fun. I got sick on her in the car on the way down and she pulled along side the highway and changed right there and then at one point she rented a three wheel bike and was driving me around.  She didn’t go in the ocean though, her friend took me in and to this day I don’t know if she could swim and neither does my dad or my aunt.  My aunt took me everywhere.  Every summer she took off work and took me on trips- New England, Florida, Virginia, Delaware and local day trips.  I did do the shore for a week each summer with my dad when I was in high school and also Virginia Beach.  I have never been on vacation with my mother.

My husband on the other hand is from another country and has been all over the world.  His mother grew up in England, traveled all over and lived in various places in the Caribbean, has been various places in Europe, Africa, Canada, South America.  His dad has been to almost all the same places and they are still traveling.  My mother in law came to New York when she was 16 from England and boy does she have some stories to tell.  They lived in England at the end of WWII and both sets of grandparents were alive and involved in the war.  My paternal grandmother in law was still alive when I met my husband and she was a true cockney and she was not too fond of Americans.  When asked what about Disney World (a place she loved) she said oh love that was Disney World, not America.  She had some great stories about life in the war and was quite fond of butter since it was lacking back then and never quite got over that, look at that, I think about her and all of a sudden my typing picks up an English tone!  There are so many good stories and she was such a lovely person.  I am hoping to have my mother in law fill in one of those remember when books for my kids for when they are older, because she really has had some adventures.

As for me, I like to see new places and try new foods, but I am not keen on traveling. Too much of a control freak, but I do have a list of places I plan on seeing someday.  And you bug, when you read this, I hope you travel a lot.  You have a big mind and imagination and dad would love to be your travel partner.  Plus you love geography and the amazing race, so maybe you will see the world too, just send me a postcard along the way.


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