Loosen Up

Wow last night I stood up and my foot felt like someone dropped one of those Tom and Jerry anvils on it.  It hurt like no tomorrow. It ached all night, it hurt this morning, I was limping and barely walking, so I called the foot doctor this morning.

So before I could get there, I had to drag my aching foot and self to the dentist for a cleaning/check up.  It’s been over a year, because I missed the last one because my grandfather passed, so I needed to get the cleaning.  Years ago I was in a car accident and got a jaw injury, which was TMJ-ish.  I was on soft mushy food and anti-inflammatories for several months.  I didn’t need surgery and over time it got slightly better. Well recently my jaw has been popping and I’ve been wondering if I need to go and see the oral surgeon.  The dentist told me he was just at a seminar and really since I don’t have pain, they won’t do much for me.  He did point out that my jaw was super tight and needed to be massaged.  Stress, being uptight- seems like me.  Then I go to the foot doctor to be told that it’s my plantar fasicitis now on my other foot and that my tendon or what not is super tight and needs to be stretched and relaxed.

So that was like a big warning to me from my body.  Plus my chest was tight because I was cleaning the other day and lifting things.  I’m realizing I need to make some changes.  I need to walk, if not for any reason other than to give my body some movement and fresh air.  I got stuck in a pattern of sitting on my computer or reading and sitting.  I don’t get moving and when I actually do walk I feel so good about it and my body feels good and I sleep better.  I just never feel the urge to get going or the time to stop and walk away and grab the kids and the dog and walk.  If it could just be me and the kids or me and the dog it would be so much easier but to get us all together is such a feat.

I need to let go and lay back and relax.  I would love a day off my feet but my husband and kids don’t have the flexability for it.  My husband is kind of doing his own thing right now on his computer and not getting me drinks or asking if I need anything.  Kind of drives me crazy as I hobble around the room.  But I need to breath, to let go, to not worry.  To not be so worked up that my muscles and tendons are super tight and can’t relax.  They seem to represent how I feel inside, all wound up and never being able to relax.  I want to be able to be more laid back before it’s too late and my pressure goes up more and I get more serious stress related illness.


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