I’ve got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart….

10/30 1st snowday of the school year

10/31 handing out candy & then hanging out w/friends

11/1 a day of feeling really productive

11/2 good conversation at a new women’s group

11/3 helping with kindergarten class, kindergarteners are awesome

11/4 dinner at wegmans by the fireplace- lovely way to end a Friday

11/5 Target w/the hubs

11/6 church, indian food & ikea- perfect Sunday afternoon

11/7 hosting my financial club and having a blast

11/8 finally starting to read my O mag from last month

11/9 catching the scent of my grandfather in the drugstore he used to visit every day when he was alive, in an aisle that should not have smelled like his aftershave, I love going there because I still feel like he’s there or like I might run into him

11/10 laughing at frasier

11/11 Tastykake Red Velvet and Dark Choc peanut butter tandykakes-Oh Yeah

11/12 coming downstairs this morning and my little ginger telling me I look really pretty


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