It’s Preemie Day

Today is prematurity worldwide awareness day. Here’s some more information on this day from the March of Dimes and while you are there consider making a donation, they do wonders for preemies.

How do I know it’s worldwide preemie day you ask?  Because I’m a mama to a preemie.  My 36 weeker, was a large preemie (6 pounds)- but small for me, full term she might have been closer to 10-12 the doctor said.  But she still had preemie problems- her little lungs weren’t ready, she didn’t know how to suck/swallow her formula and she had jaundice.  So she was in the NICU for 2 weeks.  We’ve had some complications due to being premature in development, but for the most part we were very blessed.  Not all preemies have that chance and there are many many more preemies who have quite a struggle in their first months and years.  But any parent who has had a child in the NICU whether one day or one hundred days, from being born prematurely knows the pain and the fear and the mix of emotions as your tiny delicate new life has treatments, tests and procedures done.  As you listen to all the bells and alarms and machines keeping these little ones alive.  As you leave and go home without your baby. As you stay in the hospital on the maternity floor to recover and see moms with babies, and you hear babies and your heart aches, your heart aches with every ounce of your soul because you want to hold your baby so badly, but you can’t because your baby is several floors away in an isolette with tubes and wires and you can’t even touch your baby yet, let alone hold her.  Anyone can have a preemie.  You don’t plan for a preemie, it’s something that happens and surprises you, and takes your emotions and feelings and normal life and throws it in a blender, until there is no more normal life.  I was never so emotional and angry and confused and sad in my whole life as when I came home and my baby stayed in the NICU.  And my husband was also emotionally drained.  So read up on prematurity and pray for those little babies in the NICU and pray for their families. And if you are a new preemie parent, it will get better and it will get easier.


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