Where in the world

Back in the day before kids, when my husband and I were both employed full time, when I lived overseas and I had lots of extra spending money, I decided to surprise my grandparents for their 50th anniversary.  I booked the plane tickets, I rented a car and my husband and I were off.   It was so cool because this was one of the first times in my whole life when no one (besides the hubs) knew where I was.  It felt very mysterious and exciting.  So anyway, we get the car and drive to my grandparents house.  I knock on the door and my grandfather answers.  My grandmother starts hollering who is it and my grandfather plain as can be goes it’s the kids, like we just pop up any old time, even though we lived 700 miles away.  My grandmother started crying and freaking out, she was so excited.  We didn’t have a party, because they weren’t big on things like that.  Instead we took them to Red Lobster with my aunt and my brother and told them to order whatever they wanted.  We bought the dinner for everyone and they had some coffee and desert at the end which they were all excited about.  My nan got one of those lobster feast things and my grandfather got trout.  We then spent the weekend with them and even surprised my two best friends who had no idea I was home.  We went out with them and I bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate, which was cool to be able to do and share with them.  It was so nice to be home and be with my grandparents and see my friends, but it was also always so surreal coming home and feeling so different then when I left.  I’m back now and have been for several years, we have kids now and own a house, I work PT so I can raise the kids, my grandparents have passed in the past year.  So things have really changed, but they’ve changed in a good way, in ways I never expected.  But for one short weekend in 2002 I was living and doing things I never expected in a million years and I was with those I love and enjoying life and it’s moments.


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