Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are going out to dinner with my best friends  family, which I am really excited about because the dinner menu sounds really yummy.  Buy as I was driving around town today and noticing car plates from other states, I got kind of sad.  I have always wanted one of those holidays where you fly or drive somewhere and there is a whole family to celebrate with, a house with lots of extra rooms, people play games and cards and talk all night and just catch up, it’s in the woods and it snows there,warm quilts in each room, lots of generations in one house, sharing dinner & talking, people sneaking out to the back deck to have a cigarette with their wine.  Yes I know that’s a movie or a bunch of movies. I don’t know anyone who has Thanksgiving like that.  When I was younger my grandmother did a nice big dinner for us and we actually used to fly home for that holiday when I lived abroad, so I did travel to dinner, but there was never a house overflowing with people and fresh OJ in the morning.  In my dreams there is always a house with lots of people and everyone gets along and has fun and is so glad to see each other and that’s my dreams for every holiday. Maybe I miss my grandparents a lot this year.  Part of me wishes my kids and my husband and I were just on vacation somewhere that didn’t seem Thanksgiving-y.  Who knows maybe one day, I’ll have daughter & son in law and grandkids and a big ole house to welcome everyone home to, to prepare meals and games and day trips that the whole family can take.

How can you make the holiday feel personal and full of family closeness when your family is tiny? How can you recreate a full complete family, when you’ve never had that?


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