Read and you will be free

What I know, is that reading is the key to the kingdom.  I love to read, I’ve loved to read since an early age, maybe four or five.  I would devour books like some people devour candy.  In a book I could live in a beautiful house with a family of mom and dad and siblings, I could have my own room, I could be smart and go to a good school, I could travel. I could be anything and do anything, I wanted more than anything to hang out with Anne Shirley once I found Anne of Green Gables series.  I also wanted to live in the same development as the girls from the Babysitter’s Club.  I just wanted to be anywhere but my own life. Eventually I realized the more I read the more I knew and that was inspiring.  I realized you can lose everything in life but knowledge can never be lost and all those great characters I’ve read in all the great books I’ve read have stuck around in my memories.

Truth be told, I was scared to teach my kids to read.  I didn’t know how you taught someone to read.  I read to my kids since they were little.  We go to the library so much we should work there, and they both have shelves and shelves of books.  We just read and read and read some more.Luckily I didn’t have to teach my kids to read.  I just read to them and then once my oldest was in school the teachers showed him how to read.  I was so scared, that he would never read because I didn’t even know where you begin.  But he reads just like me- all the time now and my pre-schooler is also “reading” to us and her dolls and her stuffed animals.  We found out tonight my oldest is reading several levels above all the other kids in his class and he was not a strong reader only 2 months ago.  How awesome is that?  I always hoped my kids would be readers and that they would discover the love I have for books and reading and the adventures you can go on.  Reading gives you wings.


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