Busy thankgiving-joy

11/13 fall bursts of color

11/14 I am my grandmothers granddaughter always changing my furniture around, totally makes me feel close to her

11/15 kind of easy going days

11/16 getting to see spring colors on the way to speech testing and now the beauty of fall colors on the long ride to hearing testing, things I would not normally take time to notice and yet they are so lovely

11/17 I got a lot of stuff done today

11/18 packing up shoeboxes with my kids for operation christmas child and seeing them get all into it

11/19 brand new silky warm fuzzy Gap socks on a cold night

11/20 breakfast with hashbrown potatoes, sooo yummy

11/21 so excited it’s Monday and there’s a new House on, I’ve been waiting all day

11/22 An excellent report card from my son & listening to my kids crack up laughing at the same Tom & Jerry’s I used to crack up laughing at-so super thankful and filled with joy this time of year

11/23 having my friends over for apples to apples and indian

11/24 cranberry champagne cocktails w/Thanksgiving dinner and coming home and scrapbooking

11/25 Tropicana Resort and Red Square w/friends

11/26 mending fences with friends


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