update for a year


This link is to the post I wrote a year ago to the day.  It was about debt and me and my life.  Have things changed? That’s kind of a loaded question.  Yes, our debt is way reduced, but only because my in laws lent us money to do so.  We have to pay them back, but the rates are way less than what we were paying and we just couldn’t get ahead with the fees.  I don’t see how anyone can and I can only imagine the struggle and the feelings if there was no other way out.  My husband took control of paying the bills and doing the budget.  He set me up with envelopes for weekly expenses and advised me on where not to waste money (wawa, cumby, fast food for lunch because it’s quicker).  I have not used a credit card in months.  It has been hard, but I’ve been thinking about stuff before I buy it, trying not to buy junk at the grocery store, things like that. I do still buy things for my husband and kids that they haven’t asked for and I know I need to stop that.  I still have a long way to go and I need to be a better consumer and put thought into it.  It’s a second chance for us, and I don’t want to screw it up. I no longer feel like I have to buy just to buy.  I try to buy when everything is on sale-clothes, toys, etc.  I know this sounds so stupid, because there are people in this country who are really struggling and we are really blessed and it’s awful for me to just waste or not make wise choices, but we all have our issues and this is one of mine.  I must be trying to fill a void and as I work through this, it helps to write it down.  I also can’t stop thinking about things and stuff that I forget.  Last night I lost my train of thought and I have not been able to let it go and that’s not good.  So who knows.  It’s been going on like this forever.  Let’s hope maybe things will change for the better in the next year.


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