One good thing out of the bad

When my grandparents passed a few months ago, I had not seen or talked to my uncle in over 5 years and before that it was probably 10 years.  When I was growing up and first remember being at my grandparents house all the time I used to love to hang out with him.  He was maybe mid-teens when I was born.  He stayed up in the attic room, where him and my dad had bunk beds growing up.  There was this little cubby hole where I used to hang out and play when I was up in the attic and I loved it.  He used to bring home stray dogs and had cool games and toys for me.  He was always like a big kid.  I used to love hanging out with him.  One time his dog chewed up one of my toys and kind of snapped at me, so he ended up not keeping that dog, but I still had the chewed toy for a long long time.  He had an atari and all the games.  When he moved to his own place, I used to go visit and we’d play atari forever.  He used to collect all those little metal things with the little balls that clinked together to demonstrate perpetual motion or something.  I was mesmorized.  He also had this little bird thing that would dunk his head and looked like he was drinking.  Homer Simpson had the same one years later.  I recall one time when he drove me to the beach and it was really fun.  We left at night and I thought it was so neat to be included, even though I was just a kid.  My own parents had a rough time so my aunt and uncle used to do a lot with me. My uncle also won me this 6 foot tall frog at the shore once and it was so cool.  I loved that frog, it was bigger than life to me. He took me to see ET in 3D when it came out in the theater. We used to watch the Muppets together and went to see the Muppet movies. He bought me a scooter doll and a kermit that I carried every where. One time I went to his house to sled and he had like 5 dogs and it was so cool, he lived in the woods so in the summer we could climb trees and have family picnics.  He had fish tanks and cats and one time kittens were born when I was there and it was pretty neat.  I think I get my love of all animals from him. When I was a teen my aunt and grandmother used to say I was so much like him.  I would sit in my room and read or listen to music and I wasn’t really one to hang out with the family at night.  He has done the same thing when he was younger. I always thought that was kind of neat, how someone I hadn’t seen in years but who meant so much to me could be like me.  My grandmother was very creative.  She did ceramics and crocetching, sewing and just crafts in general.  I’ve learned since re-connecting that my uncle is a photographer and a writer.  He seems creative and deep at the same time.  Things were rough for many years with that part of our family.  When my grandfather started dying my uncle came down and really stepped up.  Then when my grandmother started to get ill a few weeks later, he was there too.  Since then we’ve been in contact, we’ve been facebooking and texting, we are all planning on being together on Christmas too.  So one good thing has come out of all of this, I’ve found more family once again and it’s nice.  It’s nice to have people to love and care for and laugh with and share a connection.


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