This I believe

I believe in books.  I believe in reading and always having something in your hand, car, purse, bedside table to be reading.  Magazine, books, kindles, blogs- you name it, if it has words it can take you places.  Books relax me.  Books helped me to escape and imagine and dream when I was growing up and not having the best childhood.  Books introduced me to learning and places and people I would have never had a connection to otherwise.  Blogs & magazines are how I relax and get inspiration now.  Books are how I shut down at night, they focus my brain and thoughts and just help me to end the day on a good note.  Books are amazing.  I am passing the love of reading to my kids.  I believe a book can change a bad day.  I believe a book can show you a new world.  I believe a book can give you direction.  This is what I believe.


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