I’m in a time of life when all I want to do is sleep.  I try to stay awake and I can’t, with the exception of night time when everyone is in bed & I am reading.  I am a mostly SAHM of two kids under the age of 7.  Like most moms my days become the same, a blur of never ending chores and people constantly needing something from me.  I don’t even know me anymore or even know what I like or what I want from life.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful that I get to spend time home raising my kids.  But it is draining to be on 24/7 to serve, clean and give your all to others.  Today for instance the dog is all bugged out by the Christmas tree so I have to constantly let him in and out of the house.  Do you ever have those days for weeks on end when you just want some time for you?  Where people get you drinks and plan your meals and put your laundry away? Where you can read and snack and look at magazines without interupttion?  I just forget what quiet sounds like, I can’t even concentrate most days, I lose my thoughts. My kids are amazing and awesome and I thouroughly enjoy them, I just wish that there was some quiet time in my day, time when I’m not breaking up a fight over legos, time when I’m not changing a diaper, making a meal, getting a drink, finding a lost doll.  How do I get out of this funk?  I sit and imagine what my life would be like if I never left my island, how nice it would be to take the kids outside when it’s nice all year round. I think it’s a combo of shorter days, rain, cold weather, sick kiddos, a busy husband, a busy mom, this time of year.  I am just so drained and just wish for some me time.  I know completely selfish.  I also know that when I am trying to think or remember or solve something I sleep.  When I’m stressed I sleep, so I just need to get passed this and go from there….


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