joyful all ye…holiday season joy

11/27 Thanksgiving weekend this year- new traditions & what a blast it was

11/28 the sound of the fork hitting the bowl when making scrambled eggs

11/29 wanting to be a good friend

11/30 person at drugstore remembering my grandfather fondly, including his lottery picks-he started playing the his numbers when I was 14 over 20 years ago, because 14 was one of them. I had a nice cry after that- a good cry & I haven’t had one of those yet since he passed

12/1 My daughter saying how much Jesus loves us all

12/2 jesse tree

12/3 new shelves in my linen closet

12/4 Wawa hot turkey bowls

12/5 Night in Bethlehem with my friends and kids

12/6 Christmas night with my financial club- love those ladies & laughs

12/7 an old friend “friended” me on facebook, prayers answered

12/8 Nightmare before Christmas- I love this movie

12/9 crafts w/the kiddos

12/10 Cracker Barrel for dinner-YUMM


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