Where I’m From

I’ve lived abroad and I came back to where it all started. This is where I am from:

I come from the western suburbs of Philadelphia, lots of farmlands, people speaking Dutch and kids dreaming about the big wide world out there.

I come from a dollhouse when I was four, played with in my nan’s bedroom, quickly becoming the most cherished possession ever.

I come from chicken pot pie, sausage with milk gravy, red beets eggs, pepper cabbage, hot bacon dressing, made from scratch by my mama & my nana.

I come from my little pony & people fighting over Cabbage Patch kids  in the store.

I come from sledding on the same hills my dad did.

I come from Friday nights walking around and looking for your friends at the football games.

I come from Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, She-Ra and Saturday morning cartoons.

I come from mom working, dad not and all my time at my grandparents house.

I come from Brownies after school with my best friend.

I come from Heads Up 7-Up in indoor recess in elementary school.

I come from watching Little House,Good Times & Leave it to Beaver re-runs with my dad.

I come from being the only one in my class with divorced parents.

I come from Mickey Mousercize LP’s to LL Cool J first CDs.

I come from reading YM & Seventeen and dreaming.

I come from a passing notebooks back and forth with my best friend.

I come from pegged jeans,hyper color shirts, neon colors, jelly bracelets, charm bracelets and curled bangs.

I come from loving NKOTB and spending hours watching their videos and dreaming of meeting Joey.

I come from skipping school and going to South Street.

I come from going to confirmation because I had to and that’s what we do to loving being a Sunday School teacher.

I come from vacations down the shore.

I come from tanning with baby oil all summer long at the community pool.

I come from love and friends and strength and faith and it’s all good & I came back so my kids could one day say where I come from…..

Where do you come from?


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