Top 10 coolest gifts I received for Christmas (under age 18)

1. My dollhouse- when I was 5. I still have it and I love it. From my aunt

2. My yellow Sony Sports walk man- when I was 12, my grandfather let me see it weeks before Christmas, it was hidden in my grandmothers dresser drawer. I would later accidentally let that info out

3. My Little Pony Castle

4. My World Explorer Cabbage Patch Kid Craig from Spain

5. My Koosa-so the cabbage patch kids could have an animal friend

6. Strawberry Shortcakes Snail Ice Cream Thing-a-ma-bob-when I was 4, I loved that thing

7. A cube trunk w/purple unicorns on it

8. A little vanity table

9. A handwoven textile-ish blanket-when I was maybe 14 or 15, from my grandmother, she bought it at an antiques store we went to together

10.Jenga- I still have it and I play it with my kids now, I think I got this in 11th grade for Christmas


what gifts stick out in your mind from childhood holidays?


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