All American

I am really confused about the decision of certain advertisers to pull their ads from TLC’s new show All American Muslim.  I’m quite certain that people of the Muslim faith also need “home improvement” items from time to time like the rest of us.  I watched the show for a few episodes and enjoyed it.  So this is my take on this whole fiasco:

TLC loves to bring us into the world and lives of those who are like us, but alas not exactly “like us”.  It was through TLC that we got to see every option of birth you can imagine on a baby story, we get to meet people with strange addictions like eating “comet cleanser”, people who make their living entering and winning sweepstakes, ladies who didn’t realize they were pregnant until the baby literally came out (I’m still on the fence on that one), odd people who overindulge their kids for birthdays, little people and little peoples families, devout Christians with tons of kids, an overweight family working on losing pounds together, a family with tons of kids and a cop for a dad and last but not least a family who was blessed with 8 kids and who were just trying to show us daily life and struggles for a family of that many. I was a huge Jon & Kate fan, they are from near where I am from, I read her books, I enjoyed watching her make meals for that many and enjoyed them when they were just a family.  But then they had their issues and she came back not so much a mom as a walk on for Melrose Place. Totally changed, jet setting all over the world with her brood like she was brangelina, wearing short skirts, low shirts and heals that would make some strippers blush and this was ok. Sure people had their opinions but the second she graced People magazine, it would be nearly sold out in my grocery store, she was a trending topic and while she was just self promoting all over the place, she was still being known for her mothering of all those kids.  Now did anyone pull their ads or make a stink? No.  So why all the fuss over the Muslim show.  Truth be told, I was very interested in seeing the Muslim families since I only know 2 Muslim families and 1 is non-practicing.  I thought it might be interesting.  I love religion studies, I love people, I love families so it was going to be pretty cool for me.  Turns out after watching a few episodes, they were too normal for me, I got bored.  They played sports, went to work, raised their kids, worried as parents, prayed to be blessed with kids, went to concerts, had family dinners.  Same things we all do.  But they had to put up with people being ignorant to them because of their religion, which they are free to practice, because that’s part of the amazing part of being an American.  They had to maybe explain to their kids why when they went some places, people talked and pointed at them, something no one should have to ever do.  Like all TLC families, there is an element that makes them slightly different from most and I applaud TLC for bringing these families into our homes so we can see hey- they are like us and we can learn and accept and forget stereotypes and think twice about staring or speak up when someone says something inappropriate.  They seemed to respect family, which is more than we can say about Kate.  The first step to us all getting along is to get to known someone who is different than us and to see that inside we are all just people.  Good for you TLC, for trying to make us more aware and showing us that these families are like us.


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