Christmas is in the air joy

12/11 Roast Beef, roasted root veg & homemade yorkshire pudd for dinner-love it

12/12 Not so bad mondays

12/13 good MRI results on my gingers ears

12/14 picking out cats at the SPCA- super fun and cute

12/15 dancing with friends on a Thursday night at a last minute christmas party

12/16 choc chip cookies from the oven still warm

12/17 the smell of the real christmas tree- ok hubs you win, it’s worth the needle-y mess and 70 hours it takes to screw in the base

12/18 friends christmas, I love this time of the year

12/19 sleeping all day when you don’t feel good

12/20 clearing the way, standing my ground, but saying I could have handled it better, just because I felt like I was not being kind

12/21 meds to help w/sinuses, fast doc apps, good soup, listening to my kids talk to each other, hearing my name called mommy, finding out where our operation shoebox went, warm happy blessings this time of year

12/22 straightening my house, bringing a small sense of order to pre-christmas chaos

12/23 my new kitten purring and laying on my computer and chasing the cursor- priceless

12/24 it’s christmas eve and the kids are looking for santa online, I’m with my husband who I love to bits and I am missing my grandparents more than anything


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