Merry Christmas & why I say that

I think it is fine to wish someone a Merry Christmas. Most of the people you talk to daily are people you know and you would know if they did not celebrate Christmas and you could improvise on a per person basis. It makes me feel good to wish someone a Merry Christmas, you are sharing a feeling, a sentiment and your love for Christ and this day and season.  I don’t understand why people get so upset about sharing those two kind words with each other. I feel a connection when the friendly bagger at the grocery store shares his love and excitement of the upcoming holiday with me, I feel overwhelmed with joy when helping in my child’s school with crafts this time of year and all the kids are so excited and wishing each other and the volunteers Merry Christmas, I like Christmas cards with warm wishes and kind words of the joyous birth of Jesus.  I would be feel equally as happy and connected this time of year if someone wished me a good holiday- just keeping it real general. It is just such a wonderful time of year when people are being friendly and willing to share greetings and joy with each other.  You don’t have that in the middle of June or early October.  It’s a time for us to all be one and share joy.  So Merry Christmas to one and all.

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