A joyful and sorrow spotted year

Joy Posts:

12/25 a Christmas day w/the fam, the kids were so excited and I really had a nice time being with family

12/26 watching the hubs and kids play with their new christmas toys and games all day

12/27 naps during the day, relaxing, trying to cheer up

12/28 mexican food for dinner and the best guacamole ever

12/29 after christmas bargain shopping w/the fam & spending some time with an old friend and her kiddos- my kids had so much fun

12/30 coming home after a long day and the kids being so excited to see me

12/31 NYE w/old friends, new friends, near friends, far friends, the start of a new life together for some and the toast to my grandparents who I miss dearly-1st NYE I could not wish them a happy new year.


My last joy post for the year.  Wow. That was a really cool project.  I have been doing a daily gratitude journal for about 4 or 5 years.  It’s cool because each year on Thanksgiving, I go back and read over my journal.  I used to try the 5 items a day list, but at the end of the day when I look back and do my entry it was sometimes not easy to come up 5 off the top of my head.   So I settled for one and I’m very pleased with that. I’ve taken it on vacation with me and everything.  It makes me happy and I think about how someday I can share it with my kids.

I’ve learned that the simple things in life are what makes me smile the most- the kids, my fav foods, nice days, tv shows, etc.  Sometimes when I have a down day I will think so hard for one item, and then think how silly am I, I am so blessed and so lucky and I need to stop this silly-ness and try to think in simpler terms.  Things always do seem better after a good nights sleep.

I love the fact that someday this is something I can share with the kids and encourage them to do a joy journal for themselves, to show them the peace and happiness it shows you.

It did make me stop for a few minutes each day to reflect and make a conscious effort to think about my feelings and my life.  It also makes stop on bad days when I’m just frustrated or upset about something and think of all I enjoyed that day.

My other goal for 2011 was to focus on my obsession with perfection.  I don’t know how I did on that goal, I was trying to work through it and make notes and connections and blog my issues and concerns, but I just can’t get through that issue.  I still struggle with control, mainly.  I need to keep detailed lists of my to do’s and I like to keep things organized.  Sometimes it gets to be too much and I stress, I let the worry get over me and I can’t let go until I feel like I settled the issue.  I feel like some days all the housework and family things are a lot to work on and it helps me  to reflect on the little things each day that made me smile.


2011 was a tough year, I lost both of my grandparents who raised me within 11 days of each other.  It’s a loss I deal with almost every day.  I needed some positive notes at the end of each day.  I felt like sometimes if I noted the cute things the kids did, somehow my grandparents could read it and reflect too.  It made me feel close as I said my goodnights to them each day.

When I started the joy posts each day for the blog, I never thought my life would change like that 5 months into the year.  It was a life helper, a spirit lifter and a bit of a change.  Not enough to break my perfection habits, but enough to make a difference.  Life is good and there is joy in the moment, like this moment where my husband and I are laughing our heads off to Frasier, getting ready to enjoy his last day of vacation together tomorrow.



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