Ok, I love blogs. I love to read them, I love craft blogs and decorating  blogs.  I love words in any format as I’ve mentioned a gazillion times.  So I subscribe to tons of blogs, each as quirky as the books and magazines I choose to read.  So here’s my dilemma- “photographer” posed shots or “psuedo” glamour shots.  If you wanted to find a picture of me you would have a hard time, for these reasons:

-I’m the mom, so I’m usually the one taking the pic

-I’m not as small as I once was and I’m not really a fan of pictures

– Most times when I’m caught in a picture it’s at a party with friends and alcohol and well we know that’s never flattering

-I think my husband would laugh himself silly if I asked him to “snap” a picture of me sitting by some hay, in a field of sunflowers bottle feeding a pet lamb, with my 6 wonderful kids around me ( none of which is really anything in my life)

-I would feel stupid going to picture people or a professional to have blog shots done

So after seeing so many of these perfect mom shots, with the perfect kids and the adorable husband who is not wearing a slightly offensive shirt found at Target, I am just tired of the non-sense.  I have two kids and an adorable husband who has some questionable taste in tee shirts, but can I ever get us all in a great shot, where someone is not looking away, or crying, or not irritated to be having said pic taken- no, it’s a rare occasion. My life is not perfect, I don’t know anyone whose life is, and my friends with near perfect lives don’t always even have perfect facebook profile pics, so these moms who blog and can pose by themselves or with all their kiddos and talk about how great their many deeds are and how they can manage to have these to do lists of 100 things, clean the house, homeschool, make homemade bread and pasta and still redo the guest room, lay tile in the bathroom and make a small man cave in the garage as a surprise for hubby when he gets home from work- I don’t believe it. It’s crap.  No one lives like that without hired help. It’s sad because some of these blogs claim to be real, but in reality they are feeding us the same garbage as on tv, movies and magazines.  No mom is that perfect or amazing.  Moms don’t have time for photo shoots of themselves for the blog, so rest assured fellow moms, you are doing a good job- if your kids smile and laugh and sometimes eat 2 chicken tenders and at least the kitchen sink is empty you are doing an amazing job.  I’ll keep reading blogs, because I like words not pictures.  Happy New Year peeps.


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