Resolutions-what’s the point?

I hate resolutions almost as much as I hate people who give up chocolate for Lent.  What’s the point when you start right up again after Lent is over.  So as for resolutions what do people say- I want to exercise, quit smoking, eat healthier, be a better parent, work more, work less, read more, etc. etc. etc.  And we all join a gym, smoke that last cig, buy celery instead of chips and it lasts about 1 week if you are lucky.  What’s the point?  There’s a new year and a new calendar and you feel like re-charging, starting over, so do it but don’t make it a resolution. Resolutions are just you declaring to the world I need to make these changes, pay attention to me.  You don’t give us an update 2 weeks later when you realize you bit off more than you could chew.  I’ve seen countless blogs over the past few days with upwards of 12 resolutions- learn a new hobby, redo my kitchen with a budget of 20.15, potty train my child while teaching her French, organize my spice cupboard and then organize all the screws, nails and bolts in the husbands garage- I mean really?  Who does that?  I am uber-organized and love order, but I don’t think setting lofty over-achieving goals makes me a better parent or person.  So what are your thoughts on resolutions? Good? Bad?  What’s the worst list you’ve seen so far?


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