Toad in the hole

You know how sometimes your mind wanders to a place and you have no idea why, well my mind has been wandering- I was sick for 2 days and being sick and sleeping a lot always makes me think. So I was thinking about when I lived in Bermuda.  We had this great little deck with a pool surrounded by hibiscus trees for privacy.  A few months after we moved in, I decided I was going to put some of the terra-cotta pots from my mother in law to use and plant some flowers.  So we went and bought some plants, in my true American fashion I bought way too many plants for our small bike ( we didn’t bother to borrow my in laws car). Somehow we got them home and I started to plant my garden.  Plants love Bermuda, it’s tropical and warm and the parks branch of the government does an excellent job with making the island beautiful.  I remember one day I went home from work and the round about I passed had some gorgeous colors in it, I admired them and thought of the work to make them look so nice.  Somehow it seemed like over night, the plants in the circle changed to another beautiful display, I thanked my lucky stars to live in such a place with such a view on the way to work.  That’s one thing Bermuda has going- the botanical gardens are amazing. Anywhere- hotel, along the side of the road, peoples gardens- the plants and colors are just glorious.  But anyway back to me and my plants.  So everyday I would go outside and there would be dirt everywhere in one of my pots.  I was getting really mad, because we had feral cats and I did feed them, and I thought they were digging.  Well one day I am sitting there and the dirt in the pot starts moving, now I am freaking out beyond all means- my husband isn’t home of course, and all I can think is crazy beast creature from hell or snake (which Bermuda has none) or some kind of ghastly insect.  I’m bugging out, is the dirt really moving, what is going to pop out, am I cornered?  And then I discover my mystery dirt mover- a toad.  The toads climb into planters and bury themselves to keep cool.  My husband claims they spit poison and advised me not to touch them, I told him I loved frogs and toads and always tried to pet the toads, but was a bit hesitant.  In addition to toads Bermuda has some other amphibious creatures (and an incredible zoo and aquarium you should totally check out), they have tree frogs which make a cool noise (I didn’t realize I missed them until I went back after 7 years and was sitting outside on a hot summer night listening to them).  I saw three tree frogs my whole entire time living there (5 years) and visiting for long stretches of time (another five years).  They were adorable, these tiny little frogs, that you’d miss if you weren’t looking.  I’ve always been a frog person, I used to collect things with frogs on them when I was younger and several times had frogs as pets.  The last creature I used to love were the little lizards- kind of like Florida, they hang on your house and can change colors and they are just so darn cute.   Our inside cats caught one and left half in our closet once, which was not so cute.  So there you go, for some strange reason my mind was wandering to toads and frogs and lizards and my old island home of Bermuda.


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