It’s only dinner

There are people who can go out to dinner with their kids.  There are people who can go grocery shopping, on airplanes, to the pharmacy wherever with their kids and then there are people like us.  My children get out of control crazy in public.  I don’t believe in spanking or hitting or anything like that, I do believe in yelling and taking away privileges.  Tonight, we went to a sort of low key family place with my kids and my friend and her one child.  Don’t you know my fool children would climb under the table, lean on the table, talk loudly, hit with toys and do every other possible, rude distracting thing- after I lectured them in the car the whole way there about how I was tired of their behavior and the way they don’t pick up toys or make messes and don’t clean them up.  Nothing sinks in, they just don’t get it and they don’t care and there we are the specticule parents, the ones I would point and talk about before I was a parent.  So tonight I was just done.  I was so upset and embarrassed I literally felt sick.  Life has become overwhelming being the one to pick up and clean after the kids, the dog, the cats and the husband.  I just have no energy, I don’t feel like doing one thing anymore.  I’m drained.  So I came home told the kids to both just go to bed- no chocolate milk, and I dumped their shell jars.  The shell jars are jars they put shells in as credit for chores, when they fill 2 jars, they get a small reward.  Now of course that was received with no I won’t go to bed, you are mean, blah blah blah.   I don’t know what to do anymore, they behave in school and Sunday school, they just act like wild crazy people everywhere else.  I told them (hubs included) if they didn’t start cleaning up after themselves I was moving to my own place, and they would end up living in a house that looks like an episode of hoarders and I wouldn’t invite them over to my clean home.  I love my family but they are too much to handle some days.


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