Stupid News of the week

So this week there were several stories that really bothered me.


1.Tiger Woods’ ex levels a 12 million dollar house.  Ok really, so Tiger was a  player (there’s a shock since he was an egotistical super golfer since day one) and you get tons and tons of money in a settlement.  But why buy a 12 million dollar house and knock it down?  Do you know how selfish you look? There are people who don’t even have a room to keep their children warm in overnight, there are people out of work, people without food, people who don’t know how to pay their next bill, people choosing medicine vs. food and your selfish-ness buys an amazing house, to knock it down and build something else.  Wow, unbelievable.

2. Any stupid crap mention of any Kardashian, really people.  I am so tired of them and all their money and madness.

3. That stupid girl Casey Anthony and her new haircut making a video of herself.  Ok, you got away with killing a small innocent child, you should be in jail, but you are not and now you want to make us watch a video of you.  I don’t even know what she said, I never bothered to watch it, she makes me sick.

4. The new North Korea guy.  Wow, as if that cult of a country is not freaky enough, then we have to see the amazing hidden pictures of the funeral with one freakishly tall dude, and we have to hear about the replacement son, blah blah blah.  Enough already with this news story.

5. Kelly, as in Kelly Ripa on her own.  Now this is not new news this week, but for me it was, because I don’t watch morning shows and I just caught a glimpse of this when browsing the tv this week.  Please tell me who in their right mind spends their morning watching this annoying chick who also loves herself?  Just cancel the blasted show already.

6. Fortune Finders on the National Geographic Channel, okay I am bit off topic on the news, but this show was weird.  As soon as the coroner leaves these people go in your house and empty the valuables until they can find your family, it was weird, the people who did it were weird and laughed when too much about death, I couldn’t believe this was actually a show.

7. It’s 2012 and I watched the New Year come in with Dick Clark, Ryan Seacrest and that scary Lady Gaga- what ever happened to being a celebration- what a crap combo of people.  Oh and then there are all those 2012 Mayan followers with their annoying theories…

8. The teenage mom who called 911 and then shot her intruder.  Good for her, protecting herself and her baby from creeps.  I felt bad for her whole situation but to hear her on the 911 tape, she is way too calm.  Ok, you have a baby, you also have 2 guns and some creeps are in your house oh and your what 18?  I would be freaking out, she’s all like can I defend my baby? Then there were the tons of other stories coming out this week with babys mamas who lost the babys dad and had to fight off bad guys- nothing like leaving the national news to run with something that works and grabs ratings, who would have known there were so many protective teens moms fending off intruders in this the first week of the year

9. The French kids clothing ad with the naked guy.  Ok, there is no way that was an accident.  And why do they care?  They are French, they all like to be naked on the beach or in speedos or whatever, it’s not unusual for them.  Now if this was a Gymboree ad shot in Wildwood NJ, well then yes there should be some cause for questions, but come on people it’s France- it’s how they are.

There’s my news rant/wrap up for the week.  And just for the record, I read all my news online.  I used to watch the nightly national news, CNN and the local evening news and then I realized it was super depressing and it’s much easier on the spirit to pick and choose my own news from the Internet.


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