Walking in the door

Today was a breathing day.  I feel like I restored my soul.  Anytime I go to Sunday School, it’s like another world.  I feel peace, I feel joy, I feel like I belong.  It is one of the few times during the week that this happens.  Then I went to church and took communion.  I felt like I was peeling off last weeks crazy week and starting over.  I am thankful that each week I go into Sunday School and feel that I am restoring myself and soul.  A load is lifted off me.

I also cleaned our playroom until 1am last night and couldn’t sleep because my mind was running of things I could also clean out.  Then I came home today and cleaned the kids rooms for hours.  I had so much stuff to donate and to give to my nephew and the kids are still not lacking for toys in any way.  I think about it, and yes some of it is from us, but lots of it is gifts from family and friends and it gets to be so much.  With the end of the year and the holidays it’s so hard to not feel bogged down and out of it.  We like most families have too much stuff and like they say your stuff becomes you and can really affect you and we all needed to clean, the kids actually played together this afternoon, which has not happened in forever.

So today was Sunday and I felt restored in my heart, in my relationship with the Lord.  In my home and my family.  I’m now watching Oprah’s Next Chapter and vegging a bit getting ready to take on this upcoming week.


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