Blues for the babes

So the world knows Beyonce and Jay Z had their baby.  We know all about her name and it’s meaning.  We know they don’t want any pictures leaking out.  We know they paid a ton of money to block off that area of the hospital.  Ok, so you have so much money you can do that, great. Now mind you celebrities have babies all the time and they don’t all do that.  My issue is with the fact that they blocked off the NICU to visitors. Why oh why? That’s what made me really mad.  I had a child in the NICU.  The NICU is not the nursery or your room,where you can just see your baby and hold your baby and be with your baby.  The NICU is where your baby goes when your baby needs serious medical treatment and help. This is where the tiniest of the tiny and the sickest of the sick go.  In our NICU, like most everything is on a schedule, so you can’t just come in at say 1:30 with the aunts, uncles and friends.  In our NICU there was something like a 15 min time frame from which we could visit our baby, every few hours.  And you can’t just stop in with everyone.  You can bring maybe 1 or 2 people with you and they need to scrub in like there’s no tomorrow.  In the NICU you wait to hold your baby, could be hours, could be days, could be months.  I didn’t meet my own baby for 4 days, and the only way I could see her was the pics my husband took and brought into my room.  We were both very sick.  So to hear that just because these two people with tons of money needed their privacy and could just block the hall to the NICU is outrageous.  I mean what was the hospital thinking?  When you have a baby in the NICU you don’t care who is in the hospital, you care about your baby, you just want your baby to grow, to eat- you just want to hold your baby.  You pray and pray, you aren’t sitting there thinking wow, maybe I can spot Beyonce on my way to see my child who is palm sized and has tubes, wires and alarms all over the place. I hope with all hope this was not true, but if it was my prayers and thoughts go out to all the families with babies in that NICU and in NICU everywhere.  Preemies are fighters.


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