Not crazy but I like cats

So I have twice as many cats as kids.  Now it’s not like I’m a Duggar or anything,I am only mom to two kids, but I have four cats.  I love my cats, I love to watch them play.  We won’t have more than four and I know a few people who have lots of cats more than we do or at least three.  But anytime you mention you have a cat or more, people assume:

-you are crazy

-everything in your life is covered in cat hair

-you are an old lady

-you live in an apartment

-you have no friends or the only ones you have are on groups on Facebook

-someday you will live under a bridge wear an overcoat, have crazy hair and carry bags and cats

-that you are like those people on hoarders who always have cats, even smooshed ones they forgot about

-you eat tv dinners, while your cat eats Fancy Feast

Movies and tv constantly make comments and jokes about the crazy cat, especially the Simpsons and they actually have a crazy cat lady. To my husband and friends I am the crazy cat lady because I love my cats and I have a Christmas cat sweater and that’s basically it.  I don’t meet any of the other criteria for being a crazy cat lady, but that’s the name I get. We don’t group people with 5 toy poodles, or tea cup yorkies, or two 200 pound Great Danes as weird ass dog people.  (Just to be fair, I also have a large dog).  We don’t categorize people with 5 or more kids as crazy overbreeding amish wannabees.  So why the cat lady comments?  Was there some famous cat lady in history or started this whole thing?  Is it weird to have more cats than kids?  We can’t be the only family in that boat.  Maybe the Duggars should get some cats, because with all those kids, litter clean up would be a breeze, not like my daily task, which by the way, my husband and my kids won’t ever do, even if I’m sick.  Just wanted to ramble on about me and my cats.


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