News that drove me nuts week of Jan 9th

Wow, so the most recent thing that happened was this boat sinking in Italy.  I can not believe how scary that must have been for all those people and my heart goes out to the victims.  It was a little odd, when all the people kept saying remember the Titanic? That’s how it was.  I also could not figure out how the guy just steered it into shallow waters- I mean don’t they go to school forever to captain a boat like that and don’t they have GPS and radar and sonar and fancy fish finders on a boat like that? Those people may have been like me thinking oh I’ll take a cruise more relaxing and more safe than flying and a few hours into the cruise this happens.

Harrisburg Pa so they have no money in the budget so they proposed that the police just shoot stray dogs to take care of them instead of overcrowding the shelters. I guess they either didn’t think this would get out, or they didn’t count on people loving animals. It’s just odd, we have no money so let’s just shoot stray animals, I mean what happens if your dog gets loose in Harrisburg? Does it get shot?  We’ve all had those days when your dog gets out of the yard or the fence, not in that town, or you wouldn’t have a dog.

Then there was the math test in Georgia with the slavery questions.  One of those stories where you think it’s fake because you know that no one can be that stupid. And then you realize yes people are that stupid.  Here’s a school who thinks oh let’s just combine several classes in one and see what we can get. Let’s mix history lessons on slavery and add them to math and make word problems about slaves picking oranges and cotton.  Does the internal discussion go something like this: Oh I’m sure no one will find this inappropriate using slavery as an example for math problems. Does anyone foresee this being an issue?  Or do they just skip the internal dialogue?  What ever they were thinking, I can not imagine.   And while we are talking about stupid people making stupid choices, what about the person at Papa Johns in New York who wrote a note on a receipt about the customer with chinky eyes. Really, come on, are people that stupid?  I’m just thinking does Papa Johns pick up not have a number system, where customers are assigned a number to distinguish them.  I mean if I’m number 8 and you are number 5, doesn’t really matter what we look like, 5 and 8 are pretty damn clear. I can only imagine how Papa Johns would describe me.

Then there was Beyonce and Jay Z and the wonderful way parenthood has changed them already.  Just this week alone they decided they were way more important with their new bundle of joy, then people with premature babies in the NICU.  I mean come on NICU parents, this is Blue Ivy, why in the world should you have any options in seeing your struggling ill baby in the NICU.  I also read that Jay Z has decided since becoming a daddy he won’t use the B*tch word any longer in his music. Wow, how sweet.  Now that you have a  little girl, you can stop with that word, but what about all the times you used it before? What about all the women and girls you insulted with that word since you’ve been rapping?  Were all women lowly b*tches without feelings who could be described as you saw fit until you became a father?  I mean come on, who cares that you won’t say it anymore, you are worth a gazillion dollars and it’s not because you produced songs you could sing in church, prior to being a dad.

I can’t forget Tim Tebow.  Wow, it feels like Tebow week, month, year.  He has songs, he has fans, he has people tebowing all over the place.  I don’t really mind that he is tewbowing all over the place, I think it’s nice to have a Christian role model for kids.  I just wish we didn’t have to hear about it all the time.  So the guy shows his gratitude to God- does that really warrant a remix of the song Man in Motion? He does it and always has- good for him, now let’s stop putting him everywhere.  I give him props for sharing that side of himself and for being a witness and I hope it inspires others, but like everything else of course the media has ran with this, so by now we are like enough with Tebow already.

Joel Osteen sat down with Oprah. Wow, he is just the hap hap happiest person on Earth.  His church has 8 gazillion members, a concert like choir and he was able to sort of dodge his way around the gay question.  He said of course Jesus loves everyone, but homosexuality is a sin as it is stated in the Bible.  Meanwhile you know there are people who fit the bill who he is probably the pastor for, so how does that make you feel?  Then there’s the case of his house.  It was huge.  And ok so he makes that money from his books, but really should a pastor be living that large?  I mean there’s people starving and homeless and out of work and here’s there pastor living in a former basketball players home.  I would be kind of weirded out big time if my pastor lived like that.

North Korea, does the surprise ever end?  They are punishing people for not being sincere enough in their grief.  People who were in the hospital and didn’t show up to pay respects to that guy are also included. I thank God I live in the US.  I can not imagine what life is like for those people.  I mean how scary is it that people are judged on their grief?

So there’s the news that stuck out for me this week. What did you think?


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