Dentist- 1/2 off

Okay, I have a major pet peeve.  Why do I get groupons and living social deals in my email about dentists and teeth whitening?  Really do people actually go to a dentist based on the deal they can get?  I mean I think dentists are doing fairly well, at least mine is.  They told me for awhile with flouride and all in the water they thought they’d be in a dying field, but then we started eating more sugar, drinking soda and sports drinks and low and behold the dentist waiting room is packed again. So tell me, how desperate is a dentist that they need to use an internet offer to get clients?  I don’t want to go to a dentist like that.  I mean really are they just out of dentist school? Did they lose a lot in a divorce settlement? Did they have an increase in malpractice like doctors do? Or are they now paying for their kids to go to dental school?  Any option you pick does not make me want to go there.  Sure I like to get a deal on a museum or place to eat, maybe kids clothes, but medical procedures,I really don’t want to get them from groupon or living social.  And while I’m speaking about dentists, when did some become spas? I mean parafin waxes, massage, dvds playing, bring your own ipod.  That is not my dentist.  My dentist has a small little office, where you can fit yourself, him and the hygentist in the room.  They have a couple of rooms with paintings and wallpaper of hot air balloons, sky scenes- peaceful stuff like that.  They play a local oldies station on the radio.  Kids get a little toy when they leave.  Yes he has modern pics and washer things and cleaning things, but that’s it.  My dental experience (and I’ve had a lot) is fear, unrelaxed and get in and out as quick as you can.  I don’t want to be lingering or getting a massage thinking I’m in a spa, and all of a sudden someone is cleaning my teeth and freaked me out and tickling the roof of my mouth.  I look forward to the spa, I don’t want to confuse that feeling with the dentist.  So while my kids might be more at ease to have a fun dentist who can pull coins from their ears or something, call me old school.  I want the dentist to be what he is- a guy to clean your teeth and fix cavities and send you on your way.  I mean you don’t expect your dermatologist to be offering you snacks and playing the latest bootleg dvd while giving you a skin care check and you also don’t want to get a deal for her on groupon. Am I right? Thoughts?


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