early pets

I have loved animals since I was a child.  I would always pick the stuffed animal missing an eye or a limb, I always wanted to take the unwanted things and just love and play with them.  Growing up I had cats and fish, while I still lived with my parents.  My parents had a nice fish tank which I think must have been there before me.  It was on a wrought iron stand in our kitchen by the back door.  Well one night my mom and aunt went to bingo, and my cousin was over and we were playing in another room.  My dad, uncle and some other people were playing cards in the kitchen.  All of a sudden there was a crash, and the fish tank was down and all over the floor. I have no idea who bumped it or what happened, but dad and my uncle decided since they made the mess it would be easier to say we did it, since we were maybe 3 and 4.  I wasn’t in trouble, but I was smart enough to tell my mom it wasn’t me.

My dad let one of our cats knock down the Christmas tree once and all my moms glass balls broke.  Speaking of cats, I guess I was not pleased with the color of our cats.  One time I had a cat and I wanted it orange so I filled my training potty with orange kool-aid and tried to dip the cat in( the cat was not having that) and my mom was at bingo again.  Then on another occasion of mom at bingo, I decided I wanted a white cat, so I dumped flour and baby powder all over the cat.

When I moved to my grandparents house I had several parakeets, who I would dress and put in my dollhouse (again the birds didn’t really like me), I had a rabbit who we got a rabbit leash for and I tried to walk him and he chewed threw it and took off, I had a small dog my grandfather surprised me with and years after he died, we had another small dog that lived to be about 22.  I also had hermit crabs through the years.  I had some fish at my grandmothers, once my mom was changing the water and didn’t wait long enough and some of my fish died from cold shock. Another time I had fish and a little frog, well that frog was always trying to jump out and luckily we kept finding him.  My husband (now) then boyfriend put some heavy chicken wire/plastic on top so he couldn’t jump out and he still did, one time we never found him after he escaped.  Then at another point my friends brother gave me two frogs which I kept in a tank in my room, well they mated and mated and mated and they were loud, so I set them free in a pond.

For some time in my life I thought about being a vet. I still love animals- I have four cats, 1 dog and one hermit crab.  I still pick the underdog and I would still want to help or save every creature I come across.  One time a few years ago, we took our large dog (a German Shorthair Pointer) and one hermit crab to church to be blessed at the blessing of the animals.  That was an interesting activity.  But then again I think you are born with a love for all animals big and small.


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